Music needs Intelligence and hard work

In all things, I believe a persons’ overall intelligence is the first factor which determines their performance. Some of the best sporting athletes find themselves running successful business ventures. The same goes for the best comedians. Of course hard work and training are necessary for any craft that an intelligent person applies themselves to, but good outcomes seldom happen by accident.

Today I stumbled across a YouType clip – Haywyre – Smooth Criminal¬†and concluded that this was one smart guy, and at such a young age! This assumption was further supported by some brief research through other news articles about him. He has done most of the mastering of his albums and wouldn’t be surprised if he produced the YouTube video clip and website on his own too! When such intelligence collides with a focused hard work ethic this is what you get. Of the music articles so far written, I don’t think any of the writers have realized yet that they are writing about a genius just getting started.

His style definitely resonates with me, with his Jazz and Classical roots, but most importantly for me is the percussive expression that drives his compositions. Too many people will be captivated by the improvisation in the melody, but that’s only one layer of his complex compositions. If he’s still working solo, he will need to find good people to collaborate with into the future to reach his full potential. I hope Martin applies himself to other genres of music and other pursuits.

I happen to work in the software development industry, and found that it doesn’t matter how much schooling or experience someone has had, anyone can have their potential capped by their overall intelligence. One’s brain capacity is somewhat determined by genes, diet and early development. Once you have fully matured, there’s little or no ability to increase your brain power. That would be confronting for a lot of people who find themselves eclipsed by giants of thought.

So it’s no wonder why intelligence is seldom a measure of a person these days. Musicians are often praised as being talented for their good music, but that excludes all others: they must have some magical talent to succeed. As with creativity, the truth is less interesting, but very important. We should be pushing young children to develop intelligence, and value intelligence, not Hollywood “talent”. I suspect that valuing intelligence publicly, risks implying lack of intelligence for ineffective musicians (the same applying to other crafts).

Don’t let political politeness take over.