Stalked by Unilever

Is it just me? Am I the only the one that can see them?

It started about 5 years ago, when I noticed the logo on a Linx┬ádeodorant. Only at that stage it was more like “Ah! So Unilever make deoderant.. huh! Isn’t that something”.

Fast forward to today. You can’t get through an Ad break without a creepy Unilever logo slowly sliding out the top of the screen. They don’t put it full screen, no they are just slip it in there and when I screem pointing to the screen it ghosts off the screen. I find myself looking over my shoulder. My doors are always locked.

What a strange marketing strategy – what are they expecting me to think. “Oh wow look that car company is owned by Unilever, that’ll be a good product, hey look so is that Airline, that Corner Store and that countries government”. It’s creepy and I feel like i’m being stalked.