GovHack – What tools will you use this year?

The world is always changing, and in the world of technology it seems to change faster.

You certainly want to win some of the fantastic prizes on offer, but remember, we want world changing ideas to drive real change for real people, and we can do that best together.

So share with us and your fierce competitors, which new tools and techniques you plan to use this year.

Some new popular that I’m aware of, include Kafka and MapMe.

Both of these feed into my own personal desire to capture more data and help Governments release data real-time. Check them out, and please comment below about any tools and techniques you plan to use this year.

(I will be publishing a series of blogs focusing on GovHack, exploring opportunities and challenges that arise and consider while I work on the committee for the Geelong GovHack which runs 29-31 July 2016)

Image courtesy RightBrainPhotography licensed under Creative Commons