GovHack – Do we need real-time feeds?

It’s the year 2016, and we still don’t know how many minutes away the next bus is in Geelong.

Public releases of data take time and effort, and unless they are routinely refreshed, they get stale. But there’s certain types of information that can’t be more than minutes old to be useful.

Traffic information is the most time sensitive. The current state of traffic lights, whether there are any signals currently out of order, and congestion information is already collected real-time in Australia. We could clearly benefit from such information being released as it happens.

But imagine this benchmark of up-to-the-minute was applied to all datasets. First of all you won’t have any aging data. But more importantly it would force the data publication to be automated, and therefore scalable so that instead of preparing another release of data, public servants could be focusing on the next type of data to make available.

What do you think?

Participate in GovHack this year, play with the data we do have and continue the conversation with us.

(I will be publishing a series of blogs focusing on GovHack, exploring opportunities and challenges that arise and consider while I work on the committee for the Geelong GovHack which runs 29-31 July 2016)

Image courtesy Alberto Otero GarcĂ­a licensed under Creative Commons