What data do you want to see at GovHack?

Lets forget about any privacy and national security barriers for the moment. If you could have any data from Government what would you request?

GovHack is a great initiative which puts the spotlight on Government data. All of the departments and systems collect heaps of data every day, and lucky for us they’re starting to release some of it publicly.

You can already get topological maps, drainage points, bin locations, bbq locations, council budget data and much more. But that’s certainly not all the data they have.

Comment below on what data you would think is useful. It might already be released, but it would be interesting to go to Government with a nice long shopping list of data to be ready for us to delve into next year.

(I will be publishing a series of blogs focusing on GovHack, exploring opportunities and challenges that arise and consider while I work on the committee for the Geelong GovHack which runs 29-31 July 2016)

Image courtesy Catherine, licensed under Creative Commons