5 Secret Strategies for GovHack

Monday night I attended the VIC GovHack Connections Event. No there wasn’t any pizza.. but there were a selection of cheeses, artichokes and more.

Here are my Top 5 tips

1) Do something very different

This competition has been running for a number of years and the judges are seeing some similar patterns emerging. Browse through previous year’s hacker-space pages, and look at the type of projects they’ve had before. Look at the winners.

2) Evaluate the data

This might be the main aim of your project, but we want quality data for future years, and enough evidence to remove the unnecessary, find the missing, and refresh the old.

3) Prove real-time and live data

Melbourne City have their own feeds of real-time data this year. If you want to see more of that, consider using this data.

4) Simulate data

This strengthens your assessment of missing data [2], could involve a simulated live data feeds [3] above, and would be very different [1].

5) Gather data

This is actually a bit harder than simulating data [4], but very useful. You could use computer vision, web scraping, or make an open app (like OpenSignal) that many people install to collect data.

Off the record

I’ve got a few ideas for GovHack projects in mind on the day. I’m not competing, so come and talk to me on Friday night or Saturday for ideas along these lines.