Man-made Gaia


I’m sure the NASA scientist knew how popular the story would be when he decided to artifically translate the measurements of a scientific experiement into audiable sounds.

The journalist attempts to imply that the audio is a direct feed with no translation. “The fact that the data is sampled at the same rate as a CD isn’t entirely accidental” Those in the audio production business would understand that sampling rate has no resemblance to audible sound, but rather the frequency range of those samples does. And given the samples were taken over a 60 day period, we can be sure that the frequencies were very low and sped up.

I’m not terribly familiar with the EMFISIS project, but from what I hear, the audio sounds like the detection of bursts of charges being expelled from the Sun (affected by the Earths magnetic shield of course). That is, a quantity moving from a low resonance to a higher one. But of course this quantity had to be artificially scaled to be audible  and it’s this scaling which produces the sound of birds in a rainforest. If you listen closely the sound also resembles chipmonks, which is what happens when you record your even your own voice and speed it up.

When scaling the audio, the engineer chose the frequency range carefully to make it sound like the Earth was at harmony with the rainforests. Quite a dishonest representation. The original frequencies are much lower, and applying them to the lowest audible frequencies would have been more justifyable, however this would have resulted in the sound of a group of fat birds singing. Not the effect sought after.

Of course, it may all be in good spirit and fun. But NASA is funded by tax payers in the US, this isn’t science, it is pandering to Pagan Religion, simply read all the comments left on the sound clip. They’re on a spiritual high.