Sasha Burden – Pre-Dictator of Australia

A glimpse into the self-absorbed world of the totalitarian journalist. It happens only rarely, they try to keep their ugly self-moralising core hidden from view, but we occasionally see it rare up it’s repugnant head. Andrew Bolt blogged about an intern, an intern who wrote about her experiences in such a tone that uncovers a sterotypical totalitarian (dictator), who would make everyone think like her. She’s right, everyone else is wrong, she is the sole purveyor of good. Sounds kinda religious doesn’t it?

I was so confronted and appalled by her writing, I couldn’t help but write what I really thought. In so many workplaces and homes people talk about issues, they are free from ears of political correctness, and as a result speak much more honestly and plainly about how they feel and what they’re thinking. Burdens propaganda was a trigger for me, the gap between reality and the political class is so immense and too many people are so afraid to publicly oppose the unrelenting tide of so-called progressivism. Would it hurt their business? Would they lose friends? These people describe a world where opposing views are in minority, despite the polling. The late John Linton from Exetel is one source of inspiration, he opened many a can of worms. Let’s see what really happens.

An obese topless man on a motorcycle. Original...
An obese topless man on a motorcycle. Original caption: “The plague of anorexia must be overcome” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Burden was allowed to sit in at editorial meetings.

Comments in the news conference included
“Of course he’s fat, look at what he eats” and
“How does someone let that happen?”
Was Burden born under a rock? Probably the inner suburbs of Melbourne, close enough. If she entered any real-life work place she would find such comments embedded in Australian culture. In fact, it’s typical of human nature, having a laugh at someone’s expense. It’s honest however, obvious and most importantly, free speech. Would Burden have such speech suppressed in the workplace?
It’s a bit like calling a white skinned person a, “whitefella”, they have white skin! But Burden doesn’t appear to want people telling the truth now, oh no, she would have people cower in the dark ages, with her seasoned judgement marking heresies in the workplace.

Her suppression of the truth continues:

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Czech Wikipedia for th week, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
…a female journalist bizarrely
insisted that an article debating the benefits
of chocolate should be written by a female: “A
woman needs to say chocolate is good.”
Burden, it’s a well known fact that women openly adore chocolate (they’ve come out of the cupboard), and respond well to other women’s opinions. It’s a well known fact that Woman are physically and even mentally different to Men. Real people have no problems with this, and embrace it. Burden would rather dictate the opposite to society.
She is clearly quite easily offended, by the mundane
 …a potential story on a trans person with him.
His remarks included, “He? She? It?” “There
has to be a photo of it” and “You should put
the heading—‘My Life As A She-Man!’ or
‘G-Boy.’” No one in the newsroom reacted.
That's So Gay
That’s So Gay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, I expected her to pass holy judgement on an opinion of gay marriage

…moved from transphobia to homophobia on the
eighth day, commenting on a recent piece
on gay marriage. “Why are they [the gay
community] making such a fuss? It’s been
this way for millennia, why change now?”
How dare an individual have an opinion! He should relinquish his persona and join the (minority) collective! This is the poster issue of people like Burden, disinterested in how people feel, working their hardest to engineer opinions over decades with unrelenting pontificating. It’s the epitome of self-righteousness, her ego towering above the peasant minds of society.
She readily misinterprets kindness
Men were also continuously and unnecessarily
sexist, waiting for me to walk through doors
and leave the elevator before them
It’s quite possible this workplace holds doors for females, but who cares? Most likely, men also hold doors for males too, and it’s her narrow minded philosophy which blinded her to the truth. Generally, I’ve found females not to be as logical as males, often more concerned with a strongly held opinion, quite emotional, different from males. It’s ironic, that it’s her type, who insist we accept people for who they are and not try to change them, yet I see women being bullied into taking a career, and on the other hand hear of women regretting not having children when they were younger, wish they could have mothered their children. It is frustrating at times to see such busybodies, nosey about everyone else’s business.
Compasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So why would someone be like Sasha Burden. It’s difficult from my vantage point to guess, I don’t know her personally, but I can assume. I don’t need to speculate on her past, her upbringing or her external influences. I can guess from how she stands today, and guess her aspirations. She wants to be seen as a purely moral, taking up the cause of redefining the concept of morality with her own values. She does not like testing her assumptions, and once she has taken a side on an issue she will fight despite the facts, she will never concede defeat. I doubt such a person can ever change, but I sure hope I never become so arrogant. I hope she fails her inquisition, and never fully imposes her incoherent morality on Australians. I hope more people can stand up against people like her, it’s hard because she purports to stand for morality, she has the high ground.

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