Poor Pets

I’ve got a dog, her name is Pipin, she’s a border collie and she has a lot of personality. We take her for walks, knowing that she needs it, and as a result end up getting out more, getting excercise for ourselves and meeting other people walking their dogs. It’s amazing how social people are with pets. You can sit at a bus stop for 10 minutes and not talk to the person next to you, but when you have a dog it’s all different.

Having said that, I can’t stand Australia’s sudden increase in the purchase of pets and associated goods. Some people go to the Nth degree to pamper their pooch. Now what people enjoy doing is up to them, and I wouldn’t think it’s a problem in general if half the world wasn’t struggling in extreme poverty.

This is just a quick post. I reckon pet owners should accept responsability and have a percentage of their purchases go to a charity. For example, with one pet you would pay an additional 25% of all costs associated with your dog to a charity. If you have two dogs, then 50% of all the costs of the second go to a charity. This could be enforced by government or council. Obviously breeders, aid dogs and border security dogs would be exempt. Just a thought, what do you think?

One thought on “Poor Pets”

  1. (Future me) It does sound fair, however enforcing such a charity tax is too heavy handed, let people make their own choices.

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